About Gema

In this newfangled paradigm of “fifteen minutes of fame” culturally trumping virtuosity, an undeniable talent has gushed through the mediocre mainstream … Gema Pearl.


Slated to become a Dallas cheerleader, runway model and ballet dancer, the high school ingenue had a scintillating future in her grasp … and then … the unthinkable. A catastrophic car wreck crushed her callow aspirations. The prognosis… devastating.


Boots firmly planted in Lone Star grit, Gema Pearl spent excruciating days in physical therapy. With dreams shattered, her solace became her divine voice … saturated with soul and laced with a whisper of whisky. The fledgling filly spent endless, desolate hours in front of the bedroom mirror emulating her beloved divas. Along with her steadfast inspiration, Gema Pearl’s near-death experience became the catalyst to determination and fortitude.


Told that she may never walk again, moreover, never be able to bear children … never dance … never perform on the world stage, vexed her future. The young Texan would have none of that !  So where the saga ends for most, first blush colored Gema’s world.


Long story short … three miracle children in tow … Gema Pearl set her sights and her faith on the long road ahead. Subsequent struggles were formidable opponents.“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” became creed. Conquering the insurmountable, Gema Pearl clawed her way to “power woman” cachet in the corporate world. Yet the dulcet sound of her first love remained elusive.


Destiny’s child opened the door at a benefit concert, when recording artist/producer Lee Brovitz was knocked out by the stunning brunette with the ravishing voice. The kinship sired the launch of Gema Pearl’s debut release “Mirror Mirror”, which chronicled her sojourn and earned first-round Grammy nominations. Her next two albums, “From Me To Yule” and “Red Blooded American Girl”, along with her duet “Forever Ended Today” with the late Jimi Jamison, have captured a worldwide fanbase.


While climbing the mountain to stardom, Gema Pearl suffered a setback when she was diagnosed with Lupus in 2016. After a two-year hiatus, she once again discovered her roots and is back with more stamina than ever … and a new blues album, “True Blue”.


With a rainbow of passion, Gema Pearl continues to belt out a fresh amalgam of Texas blues, outlaw country and heritage rock woven with the finesse of symphonic charm. Her vocal prowess is dazzling. Gema Pearlis the Texas tornado that will blow you away

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